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Accepted projects

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Full name Project title Project acronym access provider
Nadja Møbjerg Jørgensen Meiofauna of Roscoff Meiofauna_Roscoff SBR
Valeria Di Dato Skeletonema marinoi cyclooxygenase characterization CyclOxySkelMAr CCMAR
Elmar Behrmann Uncovering the chemoattractant receptor in P. lividus UNCLiR SBR
Francesca De Serio SEdiments DYnamics driven through VEgetation by COastal curreNTs CInECuVe SOI
Kirsty Macleod Marine connectivity in pink sea fan Eunicella verrucosa: implications for their conservation and the designation and management of European MPAs PSFMC PiE-UPV/EHU
Jessica Pazzaglia PRIMing seagrass SEEDs against rapid environmental changes PRIMeSEED CCMAR
Alejandro Bernal Mesocosm experiments to better understand local and global threats to macroalgal communities MesocAlgae PiE-UPV/EHU
Sandra Navarro Ecological interactions between marine habitats structured by rhodolith seabeds and marine biodiversity: amphipods as indicators of global environmental changes MARS SBR
Valeria Di Dato Diatom resting stage as source of secondary metabolites DiatoMetaRestage HCMR-IMBBC
Thomas Schwaha Investigation of Franzenella cf. limicola Franzlimevol SBR
Karine Kleinhaus Coral Steroids and Gametogenesis: Is there a link? COSTAR IUI
Dalit Meron Do the lionfish microbiome play a role in its invasion success? MICROPTER NIOZ-CNSI
Hachem Kassem Biological roughness and habitat mapping for seabed flux exchanges in Venice Lagoon, Italy BRAHMS ISMAR
Christopher Dwane Is fine-scale, local adaptation linked to thermal stress physiology?
A test using in-situ transplant experiments
Gothandam Kodiveri Muthukaliannan Studies on various biological activities of bioactive molecules isolated from Marine actinomycetes Metabolites CIIMAR
David Velasquez Cell division in the dinoflagellate Ostreopsis cf. ovata CeDO SZN
Carter Newell Development of a shellfish GIS system for Sweden SWEMP KMRS
Seila María Díaz Costas Can cancer cells "ship" among cockle species in nature? Ship Cells UG-IO
Ansgar Gruber Biodiversity, occurrence and abundance of Chromerid algae CHROMERID IUI
Guillaume Bernard Effects of sHOrt Time scale marine heat wave on Benthic cOmpleX ecosystem processes and functions HOTBOX TZS
Morten Enggrob Simonsen New materials to stabilize and refurbish quays QRefurbish KMRS
Luis Gonzalo Egea Tinoco Drivers affecting on Blue Carbon stocks in eelgrass ecosystems: Coastal erosion and anthropogenic impacts BlueCgrass KMRS
Allan Carrillo-Baltodano Maternal transcriptomic basis of equal vs unequal spiral cleavage in annelids ANEGDIV SBR
Prema Mani Role of phylogeny in shaping morphological traits with emphasis on gastric ossciles of decapod CRP- 2020 KMRS and TML
Ana Filipa Lopes Fish thermal tolerance and acclimation potential under increasing temperature FTTA KMRS
Carmine Buonocore Bioremediation from Red Sea BIORES IUI
Julia Wukovits Carbon and nitrogen flux and microhabitat distribution of benthic foraminifera at the Gullmar Fjord CARNIFOR KMRS
Thorsten Stoeck Ecological impact assessments of salmon aquaculture using eDNA metabarcoding: distinguishing the response of bacterial communities to aquaculture induced organic enrichment and to natural organic enrichment SalMon SAMS
Jan Beermann The effects of low-frequency noise pollution on benthic bioturbator behaviour SONATA UGENT
Roksana Majewska Biodiversity and ecology of sea turtle-associated diatoms BESTAD NIOZ-CNSI and IMAR
Janardhan Ausuri Isolation and Characterization of microbial communities from contaminated environmental samples PHD VLIZ
Sabine Filker Mechanisms governing the distribution of protistan plankton communities along salinity gradients in the Baltic Sea - Part 2 SalGrad_2 HBS
Victor Lobanov Assessing the Archaeal Contribution to RAS AquaArch UGENT
Anders Garm Advanced vision and hunting behaviour in single celled organisms AVIBESCO IMEV
Alice Blanckaert REd Sea Corals Under Environmental Stress RESCUES IUI
Alexandra Kerbl Evolution of meiofaunal cnidarians and annelids MeioEvo SBR
Karine Gagnon Large-scale seagrass restoration and biodiversity RESTORE KMRS
Ute Rothbächer Tunicate Bioadhesion TuniGlue IMEV and SBR
Giorgio Mancinelli A preliminary assessment of the population structure and trophic ecology of the invasive portunids Callinectes sapidus and Portunus segnis coexisting in coastal habitats of Crete (Greece) CALPORT HCMR-IMBBC
Inga Martinek Parasitofauna and meiobenthos in the Baltic BalticParasites ARI
Edgar Barajas Ledesma Identification and classification of marine snails from the genus Littorina, Phorcus and Calliostoma by infrared spectroscopy ICMIR ECIMAT-UVIGO
Elisabetta Manea Potential role of coralline algae and substrate-associated microbial communities on settlement and post settlement survival of temperate gorgonian larvae ARIEL OOB
Daniel Grzebyk Searching the type of the minute diatom Chaetoceros tenuissimus (Meunier 1913) CHAETOTYPE VLIZ
Marine Vallet Chemical defense of algal biofilms CHEMALG UGENT
Sebastian Giulianelli Functional studies of retinoid X receptor from two marine gastropods with different sensitivity to imposex development RISE CIIMAR
Hagen Buck-Wiese Contributions of organic carbon from vegetated coastal ecosystems OC-VCE TZS
Antonina Khanaychenko CRYptomonads diversity in the Black Sea unveiled by Molecular and Electron Microscopy analyses CRYMEM SZN
Salvatore D'Aniello ATAC to highlight the role of Nitric Oxide during amphioxus pharyngeal development NOgeneATAC OOB
Carmen Rizzo POtentiaL of AntaRctic Sponges MycaLe acerata and DendrIlla antarctica Mucus laYer POLAR SLIMY CCMAR
Salman Malakpour Kolbadinezhad The transcriptome of the dendritic organ of the marine catfish, Plotosus lineatus: new insights into convergent rewiring of ion regulatory molecular networks TDOPCRIRMN CIIMAR
Nadine Schubert Atlantic RHODOlith beds: The influence of LATitude on net primary and carbonate production RHODOLAT NUIG-RI
Georgia Tarifa Microbiome composition of sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus from different populations (Mediterranean, Atlantic) PALIMI PIE-UPV/EHU, OOB, ISMAR
Ida Orefice Recombinant Lipoxygenase from Diatoms ReLoD CCMAR
Gunilla Toth Carbon uptake strategies and effects of ocean acidification in seaweeds CCM-SEAWEED SZN
Florian Weinberger The importance of Klason lignins for the deterrence of mesograzers (Idotea balthica) by eelgrass (Zostera marina) EELGRASSKLASON HBS
Maria Protopapa Do kelp (Laminaria) forests have distinct zooplankton communities, and, if yes, is there any impact of kelp iodine emissions? ZooKelp SBR, SAMS and TSL
Klara Filek Diatom interactions in the sea turtle epizoic biofilm EpiDiaInter UGENT
Luisa Düsedau Genetic and ecological drivers of successful bioinvasion by Agarophyton vermiculophyllum INVASION SBR and CCMAR
Sara Balbuena Effects of phytoestrogens and 17β-estradiol on gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata) skeleton: in vitro and in vivo approaches PHYTOSKE CCMAR
Michael Lintner Foraminifera in Naples experiencing systematic toxicity FINEST SZN
Bianca Biedrawa Foraminifera inhabiting living mediterranean sponges FILMS OOB
Angelina Lo Giudice Diversity and Ecological profiling of Sponge Slime bacterial Symbionts from AnTarctIca by New Omics techniques DES3TINO CCMAR
Ulisse Cardini Invertebrate-bacterial associations as catalysts of nitrogen cycling and seagrass ecosystems health INBREATH CCMAR
Olivia Metcalf Reactive Oxygen Species in Trichodesmium ROSTrich IUI
Anna Diem Role of invasive species in the transfer of microplastics to the marine food web VISITOR PIE-UPV/EHU
Anne Brauer The role of the microbiome of seeds and sediments in eelgrass meadow restoration SeedMiBio KMRS
Nagore Sampedro Morphological characterization of new COastal HETErocapsa Species COHETES SZN
Rocío Jiménez-Ramos Eelgrass implication on carbon remineralisation: insights from DOC refractoriness by natural bacterial assemblages SweDoc KMRS
Christina Roggatz Reception of chemical cues by Carcinus maenas in pH-fluctuating environments and future ocean conditions ReCCpHfuturO CCMAR
Eva Terzibasi Tozzini Comparative study of the evolution of brain anatomy and adult neurogenesis in the central nervous system in deep water Chondrichthyes BraInDeep IMAR
Tomasz Ciesielski CalanusMBA: Bioinformatic analysis of Calanus finmarchicus metabolome data CalanusMBA PIE-UPV/EHU


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