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How to apply?

Applications for Transnational Access are submitted online, from selecting the Access provider services you want to use, through writing and submitting your application, to following its subsequent progress.

In this page you will find a step-by-step guide for writing and submitting your application. These steps are explained in more detail in the guide "How to submit a TA application", which we recommend to read in case of issues or questions related to the application system. 


Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Am I eligible?

To apply to the Transnational Access programme of ASSEMBLE Plus, you have to meet the eligibility criteria outlined here.

For more information about Step 1, please click here.

Step 2: Choose your access provider

Check out our Access providers to look at the infrastructures and services in offer for your project. 

For more information about Step 2, please click here

Step 3: Choose the research infrastructures for your Project

To find the specific research infrastructures offered by the Access provider of your choice, you need to search the services database via the Call page. Here you can fine-tune your search on the category and subcategory of service and on Access provider ("Institute", in the application system). It is possible to select specific services using the "Add to proposal" button next to each service listing, but it is not necessary to do this until you start to write your application (Step 7).

To do so, you need to register and log in (see Step 5 and 6): for now you should focus on finding the service(s) from the Access provider(s) you want to access for your Project. 

For more information about Step 3, please click here.

Step 4: Contact the liaison officers

Contact the selected access provider(s) through their liaison officers to discuss requirements for your Project (e.g. consumables and resources availability, certificates). You are strongly encouraged to have a contact with the liaison officer of the access provider of your choice.

For more information about Step 4, please click here.

Step 5: Register on the application system

Before you can create an application, it is necessary to register on the application system, via the EMBRC website.

Important: remember to fill in your "user profile" before writing your application.

For more information about Step 5, please click here.

Step 6: Log in to the application system

Log in to your user account to start to write your application. From your user account you can also view your past and current applications and continue to edit those you have saved but not submitted. You can access the user account from the Login page.

Please pay attention: once you have logged in to the application system, you will be on the EMBRC website. Do not click on any of the menu items in the header of the application system, they are not applicable to ASSEMBLE Plus applicants.

For more information about Step 6, please click here.


Step 7: Write and submit your application

a. Before creating your application
Your application should be written in English via a webform, which you can get to by clicking on the “Write an ASSEMBLE Plus proposal” on the Call page. Before clicking on this you should select the services you want to request (via the "Add to proposal" button next to each serivce listing).

b. The application form
The webform is divided into four sections, and the the action buttons:

  • Project overview: for general details such as a title, acronym, and keywords
  • Scientific and Technical description: in this section you provide the scientific and technical details of your project. You are asked to download a Word template which you can fill offline, save as PDF, and then upload back into the webform.
  • Other attachments: to attach any other PDF files, e.g. diagrams or publications you have referenced. For applicants that are PhD students, it is required that you also attach a letter of support from your supervisor. (This is not necessary for PhD students that are co-applicants).
  • Services selection: this section shows the services you selected from the Call page. There are boxes to write in the start and end dates for each service and to specificy if they will be accessed as on-site or remote service (or both). 
  • Save/Submit/Download: buttons are at the bottom of the page. Please Save before you Submit or Download. 

If you have problems with the Word template, and OpenDocument format version can be found on the Download Area. In case of issues, please contact the ">Access Office (, cc to

From the webform you can save, submit, download, or go back to the Call page or your User page.
For more information about Step 7, please click here.

c. Adding or removing servivces from the application
To add more services, please follow these steps:

  1. save your application (button at the bottom of the page)
  2. open the Call page in a new tab of your browser, and select the new services you want
  3. go back to the tab with your application webform, and refresh the page
  4. the list is automatically updated in the proposal form

You can remove services in your application directly from the webform.
Please note: you are allowed to request only up to three access providers in any application. 

d. View saved or submitted applications; edit saved applications; create a new application

To submit your applicaiton, press the Save and then the Submit buttons at the bottom of the webform. A successful save will take you to a "Request confirmation" page and you will be sent an email. 

You can check your saved or submitted applications on your user account. You can only create one application at a time. After you submit an application, you can start with a new one following exactly the same process.

For more information about Step 7, please click here.

Step 8. After submission

Applications will be evaluated according to defined evaluation criteria. You will be informed via email about acceptance/rejection of your application within 7-8 weeks. For more information on the procedures and the evaluation criteria of your application, please check the “Transnational Access Policy” document in the Download Area.

For more information about Step 8, please click here.


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