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Before applying

Before writing and submitting an application, we strongly advise you to contact the liaison officer of your proposed Access Provider. This will help you learn which specific techniques/instrumentation are available. In addition, where consumables/chemicals are needed, the liaison officer can provide feedback on what is available and if covered by ASSEMBLE Plus. 

This process strongly improves your project and gives more chances to you for a successful application!

How to apply?

Applications for Transnational Access are submitted online through the ARIA application system.
Click below on "Apply now" or read further for more information!





To submit an application for Transnational Access, follow these two steps:

1. Register with ARIA. During the registration, in the "Project selection" step, click on "ASSEMBLE Plus".
In case you do not receive a confirmation email, please check your spam folder.

2. Access the application system, login and start writing your proposal!

The steps for submitting an application are explained in more detail in this guide which we recommend you read.
In case of issues, please contact the ASSEMBLE Plus access office at .

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