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Project proposals selection

Following the deadline for proposal submission, your project will be evaluated as follows:

1. Eligibility check 

The Access Officer verifies received project proposals for compliance with EU regulations and ASSEMBLE Plus eligibility criteria.

2. Technical feasibility check 

Eligible project proposals are sent to the Liaison Officer of the selected Access Providers to confirm the project proposal feasibility.

3. Scientific review 

Eligible project proposals are forwarded to the User Selection Panel for peer-review based on scientific merit.
The User Selection Panel is composed of international members with strong expertise in the field of marine biology.
They evaluate and select the project proposals according to clearly defined selection criteria.

4. Financial check

The Liaison officers assess the financial feasibility of the project proposals that passed the scientific selection, taking into account the USP ranking order. The Liaison officers report to the Access Officer which of the project proposals can be accepted and which one cannot because of funding constraints.

5. Acceptance/Rejection

The Access officer informs the applicant of the User Selection Panel’s decision via email.

The criteria that are used to judge for eligibility, feasibility, and scientific review, can be found in the "Transnational Access policy" document.


The next call of Transnational Access will open on January 2019.
The project proposals will be evaluated according to the steps described above.

Applicants will be notified on the evaluation of their proposals after six weeks.

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