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Knowledge Transfer Platform

Explore the knowledge outputs of ASSEMBLE Plus

The knowledge outputs of ASSEMBLE Plus can be access via the Knowledge Transfer Platform. These knowledge outputs arise from all ASSEMBLE Plus activies – the research of our JRA participants, research results arising from ASSEMBLE Plus collaborations, publications arising from the Access programme, or from associated activities, and so on. These knowledge outputs are organised by the sectors listed below, and within each sector they are categorised as:

  • publications: books, scientific publications, technical documentation, protocols..    
  • data: datasets created by research conducted within ASSEMBLE Plus
  • activities: training activities and material, learning modules, ASSEMBLE Plus science meeting outputs...

Click on the links below to access these knowledge outputs.

Sector aquaculture and fisheries

Sector marine technology & energy

  • Marine technology
  • Marine energy 

Sector instrumentation and technology

  • Scientific instrumentation
  • Scientific diving
  • Cryobanking

Sector marine sciences

  • Climate change
  • Environmental management













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