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Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ)

NIOZ performs fundamental and applied marine research addressing scientific and societal questions pertinent to the oceans and seas. NIOZ serves as marine research facilitator (MRF) for the Dutch marine scientific community. CNSI is an overseas division of NIOZ. It is a field station on St Eustatius, in the Caribbean Netherlands, with research and outreach facilities and accommodation for visitors. CNSI facilitates research and outreach for a spectrum of disciplines addressing issues relevant to the sustainability of tropical small-island economies. CNSI officially opened on April 24, 2014. For ASSEMBLE Plus TA users, CNSI offers access to the unique, yet poorly studied, marine habitats of St Eustatius and to the nearby Saba Bank, the largest submarine atoll in the Atlantic Ocean and which has some of the richest marine biodiversity in the Caribbean Sea.

NIOZ will offer TA and will participate in NA2, NA3 and NA4 and JRA2.

Landsdiep 4
1797 SZ Den Hoorn Texel
Den Hoorn Texel
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The Netherlands
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