Gain access to over 30 marine stations for free! | Assemble+

Gain access to over 30 marine stations for free!


Gain access to over 30 marine stations for free!

The next call (flyer) of the ASSEMBLE Plus Transnational Access programme closes on 9th February 2020.

ASSEMBLE Plus supports researchers (from industry and academia) by providing access to facilities and research services at more than 30 partner institutes. The objective of this programme is to enable researchers to carry out their own research projects using platforms and marine biological resources not available in their own institutes, while establishing new scientific collaborations.

The access programme has received so far more than 300 project proposals from European and non-European researchers and many success stories highlight the value of this opportunity. For example, Karl Attard (University of Southern Denmark) a recipient of the Transnational Access funding expressed the following:

ASSEMBLE Plus fills an important void within the funding sphere by allowing young scientists to pursue interesting side-projects and initiate collaborations that would otherwise be impossible due to funding constraints”.

ASSEMBLE Plus covers access costs for your project up to 30 days, and up to two persons per project can ask for sponsorship for their travel, accommodation and meals costs. For access during April to September 2020, applications are due by 9th February 2020. The last call for the TA programme will close in April 2020, and on-site and remote access to our facilities will be granted until January 2021.

If you are interested in learning more about the TA programme and applying, please visit or get in touch with our access officer at

You can follow updates of our project on Twitter at @ASSEMBLE_Plus

Karl Attard (University of Southern Denmark), a recipient of ASSEMBLE Plus Transnational Access funding.

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