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2022.09.25 to 2022.09.26
Avril, Hanbidge | | Ireland
2022.09.19 to 2022.09.22
More information ICES ASC 2022.
Avril, Hanbidge | | Ireland
2022.08.28 to 2022.08.31

The 32nd ESCPB Congress, to be held by Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn at the Darwin Dohrn Museum (Naples, Italy), between the 28th and the 31st of August 2022.

Avril, Hanbidge | | Ireland
2022.08.15 to 2022.08.18

An aquaculture conference and trade-show focused on the science, technology and business of aquaculture.

Avril, Hanbidge | | Ireland
2022.08.13 to 2022.08.15
Avril, Hanbidge | | Ireland
2022.06.27 to 2022.07.01

The Ocean Conference, co-hosted by the Governments of Kenya and Portugal, comes at a critical time as the world is seeking to address the many of the deep-rooted...

Avril, Hanbidge | | Ireland
2022.06.29 to 2022.07.01

OceanPredict and EuroSea invite you to join their...

Avril, Hanbidge | | Ireland
2022.06.28 to 2022.06.30

Greetings from the International Summer School on “The Evolution of Enzymes and

Avril, Hanbidge | | Ireland


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