Euromarine 2020 General Assembly | Assemble+

Euromarine 2020 General Assembly

2020.01.16 - 2020.01.17

Euromarine 2020 General Assembly

In 2020, the EuroMarine General Assembly (GA) meeting will take place in Piran, Slovenia, on 16 January (all day) and 17 January 2019 (morning). It will be hosted and co-organised by the National Institute of Biology (NIB). Onsite lunches will be served on Jan. 16th and 17th. A dinner will be take place on the 16th.

An OYSTER Workshop will take place on Jan. 14th and 15th.

The GA meeting will followed by a (closed) EuroMarine Steering Committee meeting (on Fri 17 Jan. PM).

A General Assembly meeting of the EuroMarine Association (in charge of the budget of the Consortium from 2019 onward) will also take place.

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