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The Management Team


The Project Implementation Committee (PIC)

Is the executive body of the project, responsible for:

  • The edition of a yearly report of WP activities following instructions and templates provided by the Project Manager;
  • The preparation of deliverables associated with WPs, in collaboration with the WP members;
  • Organisation of internal WP meetings and/or workshops at least once a year (agenda will be sent to the Management Team);
  • Assessing progress against objectives and when necessary making recommendations;
  • Preparing the decisions on which the General Assembly (GA) deliberates;
  • Implementing the decisions of the GA;
  • Receiving advice from the Advisory Board.

The PIC comprises the Scientific Coordinator and the Work Package (WP) leaders from the Joint Research Activities (JRA) and Network Activities (NA). It is chaired by the Project Coordinator and is convened twice a year.


PIC members

  • Nicolas Pade, Sorbonne Université/EMBRC-ERIC (Scientific Coordinator)
  • Wiebe Kooistra, SZN (NA1: Improving Trans-national Access Provision)
  • Klaas Deneudt, VLIZ (NA2: Improving Virtual Access to Marine Biological Stations' Data, Information and Knowledge)
  • Adelino Canario, CCMAR (NA3: Engaging with User Communities)
  • Ibon Cancio, UPV/EHU (NA4: Long-term Sustainability)
  • Georgios Kotoulas, HCMR (JRA1: Genomic Observatories)
  • Estefanía Paredes Rosendo, UPV/EHU (JRA2: Cryobanking of Marine Organisms)
  • Hector Escriva, Sorbonne Université (JRA3: Functional Genomics)
  • Ian Probert, Sorbonne Université (JRA4: Development of Instrumentation)
  • Martin Sayer, SAMS (JRA5: Scientific Diving)

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